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    Here at the MFA is a bed by master menuisier Jean Baptiste Claude Séné, a rather famous menuisier at the time of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI’s reign.  I first caught on to his genius because of a pair of chairs in the Louvre, in a room that will now probably be closed until 2014 (tragedy).  The entire furniture/Decorative arts section at the Louvre is being redone.  In any case, this bed is quite luxurious and indeed comparable to the beds George Jacob made during the same period.  The feet of the bed are equally intriguing, the seem what to be, as we say in french, “fuselée” which is to say there are cannelures but done diagonally.  A classic indication of what period we are dealing with is right above the feet: a cube, le cube de Louis XVI, with a small flower carved into the cube.   This was a very popular element of decoration starting with the beginning of neoclassic influence in french furniture.

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